Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rep Rap

OK. I've gone and bit the bullet. I'm embarking on yet another project. I will build a Rep Rap Rapid Prototyping 3D printer. These little machines allow one to "print" plastic components from a computer model.

I'm going to start with the repstrap which is a mini version designed to build some of the parts needed to create the reprap machine.

Parts are on order and I should have what I need to begin assembly in a week or so.

So far my outlays look like this:
$117 RepRap foundation (pcb's, plastic, nozzles, motor)
$10 Digi-key (electronic parts mouser didn't have)
$140 Mouser (electric parts)
$140 RepRap foundation (acrilic)
$105 Keling (stepper motors)
$150 McMaster (hardware)

So it looks like I'm about $700 into the project and still need to source the extruder.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


yesterday I pulled the c70 trans (cm-5052) and nv4500 out of the c3500hd. The spicer cm-5052 is super stout but no overdrive and majorly cracked bellhousing. The nv4500 lots like a toy next to the spicer but it to had a minor crack on the bellhousing. Oh well. I did some research and ended up with a pair of spicer 3053a trannys out of m35a military 2.5 ton trucks. Should work great for this detroit as they have the SAE 3 bellhousing and can handle some serious torque. Also they have overdrive so that will be nice.

Also bought a grumman p30 frito-lay van with cummins 4bt today. Looking forward to driving that thing around town for a while. It's not my first 4bt but the first non-industrial one I have had.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Saturday I almost got the 4-53T out of the C70 truck. I've just got a few more bolts and it should come right out. The engine is larger than it looked. About 25" wide, 37"+ tall, and 34" long based on rough measurements.

I also took some video of the engine running... hopefully I'll get it up on the website soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Progress on the Detroit Chevy Conversion

Wednesday I got the Cab off the 2000 1500 truck and this evening I got the fenders and cab off the 3500hd truck. The 3500hd frame needs to be sandblasted and painted. Also the body mounts are going to have to be modified slightly.
I was thinking about cutting the 3500hd frame and stretching it but instead I am just going to add two more body mounts and shorten the bed to compensate for the length of the extended cab. Also I will lift a 3" body lift to clear the frame upturn at the back of the cab.

Next on the list is pulling the detroit engine and trans out of the C70 so that I can take some measurements and check fitment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4-53T in the C70

Here are some pics of the C70 Chevy truck that the 4-53T is currently installed in. The engine is running great but the truck is not worth making road worthy. Trans is a spicer 5 speed and I'll will probably reuse it in the 3500HD.

The C3500HD Truck

I picked up this 1996 3500HD at auction last week. It is a great platform for a Detroit conversion because it has a very heavy frame, 15000gvw, dump bed, and 19.5" wheels. Engine was a 6.5L GM if anybody wants it.

The downside is that the cab is small, it has no A/C, and no power locks or windows. That's why I'm going to use the C1500 cab and stretch this frame.

Pics of the Detroit Project

This is the C1500 cab I am going to transplant on to the C3500HD truck. The truck hit a culvert and bent the frame on the front right side. Luckily for me the front clip and cab are perfect. I will need to find some doors and seats as they were parted out before I could get them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here's a pic of my bueatiful new (to me) 1985 Hino FG19 truck. I pulled this out of a field where it had been sitting for about 5 years. It took me several hours to get the air brakes released and winched up on the trailer. The next day I realized I could have just put a battery on it and driven it on the trailer! She started right up and ran like it was no big deal to sit for 5 years... man I love diesels.

The truck is a 33000lb gvw with 225 hp 6.0L Hino Turbo diesel and Hino 6 speed manual trans.

Can you believe I paid $1200 for this jewel?
You gotta love Craigslist.

Another project: Detroit Diesel 4-53T Conversion

A few weeks ago, I bought a 4-53T Silver in a Chevy C70 truck. The truck is in good shape but rear end is an Eaton 7.17 ratio! Yikes. The trans is a Spicer 5 speed without OD. I've looked into swapping a two speed rear but its not a wise investment IMHO. The local parts yard wants $1200 for a two rear end with 5.33 gearing.... no worth it for an old 2.5 ton truck.

Soooo... the new plan has begun.

This engine is coming out of the C70 and going into a 1996 Chevy 3500HD truck. First the 3500HD is getting a facelift. I've purchased a 2000 C1500 extended cab and that is replacing the 3500HD cab. The frame will need to be stretched 26" to accomodate the length of the extended cab but it will be worth it. This 2000 year cab has A/C, PW, PL, etc... all the things the work truck 3500HD didn't have. Also I have the front clip from the 2000 truck so this thing should look like a 2001 3500 with 19.5" rims and detroit under the hood once I get done.

You might ask.... geez that sounds expensive. why go to all this trouble? Well I drive a 2005 Dodge 3500 with 5.9L right now and I am tired of the poor mileage and high monthly loan payments. This 4-53T Detroit will run good, get better mileage, and is cheaper / easier to maintain. I'm not interested in making stupid power or tons of noise.... I just want a reliable daily driver that has modern amenities and can pull a gooseneck trailer.

I've worked on many Detroits so I'm not new to this.... The Detroit 2 strokes are a engine like no other.... I've seen these things run when they had no business even cranking over.

Today I got the cab off the 2000 C1500 frame. Tomorrow I'll be working on the stripping the 3500HD frame so that it can go off to the frame shop to be lengthened.

I'm going to use this blog to document the conversion... your comments are welcome.